World Tournament and Techno Festival 2016

September 12, 2016

World Tournament and Techno Festival 2016

          World Tournament and Techno Festival 2016 is an event organized by OSIS SMAN 3 Bandung. It is a competition between 32018 and 32019 which is held at SMAN 3 Bandung, Lapangan Bali, and some others location on Saturday, August 20th 2016.

          We were competing to collect pieces of puzzle in order to win against 32018 by winning the competitions. There were about 10 competitions. My class, X Science 10, won some of the competitions. We won Indomie-eating competition, Tekken game competition, intelligence competition, etc.

          There were also the aliens. The aliens held some water ballons and they tried to throw the ballons to us. We had to give our puzzles to them if we got hit. We could also throw ballons to them and we could get puzzles they brought.

Victory of 32019
Photo by Fida Izza
          As the result of this event, 32019 was the winner. We completely collected all the puzzle pieces and form it into a big puzzle.

          This World Tournament and Techno Festival was great. We had fun and improved our teamwork, intelligence, and nimbleness. I was happy to join this event...


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