Why do I choose SMAN 3 Bandung?

August 18, 2016

Why do I choose SMAN 3 Bandung?

SMAN 3 Bandung
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          Greetings, readers! This is my first English assignment. It's about the reason why I choose SMAN 3 Bandung to be my school. So, happy reading!
          First, let me tell you about the first time I knew SMAN 3 Bandung. Since I was a student of elementary school, at SDN 2 Cimareme, my mom always tells me that I must think about my future, that I must have a good future, and that I must do my best for it. Even when I was a third-grade student, I've been had a plan to go to SMPN 1 Cimahi which is famous for its quality and it's said that SMPN 1 Cimahi is the best junior high school in Cimahi City and West Bandung Regency. I also heard from my aunt, my cousins, and my other relatives that SMAN 3 Bandung is the best senior high school in Great Bandung, even in West Java Province. But, they said that I also had another choice. It is SMAN 5 Bandung because it has good quality, too. Since that time, I decided that I must go to SMPN 1 Cimahi and SMAN 3 Bandung, and of course I must work hard to make my dreams come true.

          Time ran. I became a sixth-grader. I was ready for the national exam. After I studied hard and prayed, I finally faced the exam and got a total score of 26,75. I was shocked knowing that I got scores lower than I expected. 26,75 is too low to be accepted at SMPN 1 Cimahi. But I wasn't hopeless. With the power of Bismillah, I registered to SMPN 1 Cimahi and I was accepted. It was a really wonderful gift from Allah. 

          There, I studied hard and joined OSN. I was chosen to be one of the participants of National Level of OSN 2015 which was held in Palu, Central Sulawesi. I was really greatful because that achievement could be a ticket for me to go SMAN 3 Bandung.

          Time ran and ran. I became a ninth-grader and I had to work hard to get great scores on the national exam because my achievement was not a collateral for me. Finally I faced the national exam and Alhamdulillah I didn't fail. I got good scores, 383,5. Actually, I thought that my scores were enough for me to be accepted at SMAN 3 Bandung, bu I decided to register through 'jalur prestasi' using my achievement. Only 18 persons would be accepted through it, and that was hard for me and made me a little scared. But Alhamdulillah, I was accepted, made me really greatful and happy.

          During the holiday before I go to school, I browsed the internet, searching about my new school. I read that there is an acceleration class where we can graduate in only 2 years. I was really excited about it and I decided to work hard so I can be accepted to that class. 

          Finally, the time that I had been waiting came. On July 16, I participated in the technical meeting of PLiST (Pengenalan Lingkungan Sekolah Tiga) 2016. We were given some tasks. On July 18. we participated in PLiST. It was really fun. I joined faction 3. We were told by our mentors about the story of SMAN 3, about the very-much-tasks, about the really-hard-tests, and many more. I'm ready. We were also taught about the motto of SMAN 3, "Knowledge is Power, but Character is More".

          Now, I'm a part of class X-MIPA 10, a lovely and wonderful class. I love being in this class. I get many good friends.

          So, that's all about my journey since I was in elementary school, until now I go to one of the best school in Indonesia. Please tell me if I make any mistakes on the comment below. Thank you for reading, readers!



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