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September 7, 2016

Social Media

Essay Writing Competition
"Social Media"
By Raihan Fauzan

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          Dear readers, my name is Raihan Fauzan. I'm a student of SMAN 3 Bandung, Indonesia. I would like to express my opinion about one of  historical event that is really important : creation of social media, especially about its negative sides.
          Now, social media is a primary need of human. People seem can't live without their social media. They use social media to communicate with others, to find information, and even to do their business. But, beside its positive side, I'm sure that social media has negative impacts. What are they? Here I will tell you my opinion about it :

1. Social Media Makes The Users Spend More Money
   Users have to spend their money for the internet. Because if there is no internet, there is no social media. Social media also might make its users spend their money by buying things sold in it althought they don't them.
This kind of impact is really bad. If the users can't control theirselves, they might waste all their money stupidly only for interesting sale they see in social media.

2. Social Media Addiction
   I think now most of people is addicted to social media. People make social media as one of their primary needs, seems like they can't survive without social media. Anywhere they go, anything  they do, and anytime, people must have social media with them.
This is bad. Users of social media shouldn't get addicted. Because if they do, they will waste their time stupidly and deprave their real life.

3. Cyber Crime
   Crime that is done on the internet, in this case social media, is also called cyber crime. Bad guys abuse social media to do bad things. Kidnapping, deception, hacking, smugling, everything is possible to do with social media.
Of course, this problem is really dangerous. Technology is created in order to bring welfare to  human life. It mustn't be used for bad things. Cyber crime will only bring welfare to the doer, and it will harm many people.

4. Social Discrepancy and Privacy Problem
    With social media, anything can be done. Users can post about where they are, what they eat, what they wear, and many other things. I think this is a serious problem. Posts on social media like that will only cause social discrepancy between the wealthy and the unwealthy to occur. Also, people can't keep their privacy if they post something like those.
These 2 problems need to be solved because they contravene ethic and norm of life.

        Honestly, I still need social media everytime. But, I'm trying to reduce my addiction. I'm really concerned about the using of social media in the society. Most of them are still addicted and use social media unwisely.

         Actually, social media has many positive sides if we use it wisely. So, don't use it too long and for bad things. Always remember that social media we use is created in order to bring welfare and goodness.

          That's all from me. I hope my writing can bring advantage for me and for you all readers. Thank you for reading!


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