OSN Palu 2015

September 28, 2016

OSN Palu 2015

My Unforgettable Moment
“OSN Palu 2015”

            Hello, readers!
I would like to tell you about my unforgettable moment. When I was asked to write a story about it, in my mind there’s only OSN Palu 2015. So, please enjoy it.

            For your information, I always like mathematics. I also like to join competitions and olympiads. When I was in grade seven, Alhamdulillah I was chosen to join city level of OSN (National Science Olympiad) after some tough selections against my own friends. I became the first champion and continued to the province level. Unluckily, I failed.
            A year later, when I was an eight grader, after some very-tough selections especially against Yahya, I was chosen again. For the city level, I passed it and became the first champion. On the province level, I faced many difficulties. But, I didn’t get hopeless. Alhamdulillah Allah gave me a chance. I passed to the national level. Yeaahh!!!

            National level of OSN 2015 was held in Palu, on 17-23 May. Few days before it, we participated in olympiad training at Wisma PU on Riau Street. It was really fun and it improved our skill. Finally, after this 4 days training, we left Bandung!

            On Sunday, May 17, on 0 AM, we set out to Soekarno-Hatta Airport. After arriving, we departed to Palu. We arrive in Palu in the morning. I was really excited because it was the first time I visited Sulawesi Island. Then we went to the hotel by buses. We, mathematics participants, stayed at Sutan Raja Hotel, a 4-stars hotel. Meanwhile participats of the other sectors stayed at other hotels.

            I’m really greatful. The hotel was so luxurious for me. The room that I shared with Willy, participant from Bangka Belitung, was so comfortable. I also liked the food. It was so delicious and healthy.

            We spent a week there. On the first day, there was an opening ceremony which was legitimated by the governor of Central Sulawesi. There were also many great performance.

            On the second and the third day, we participated in the competition. For me, it was really really difficult. I did my best to answer the questions and prayed to God to give me the best. On the fourth day, we were refreshing. We went to Tanjung Karang Beach. It was really beautiful and made me say “WOWW!!!”. I took some pictures, played banana boat, and had fun. I will never forget about it. What a really awesome experience!

            On Friday, the fifth day, the winners were announced. I was nervous. I really wanted to be the champion. Sadly, I failed. On that moment, I was so sad and I only could take a deep breath. That was the feeling of losing.



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