Dear Nathan...

April 18, 2017

Dear Nathan...

Movie Review : Dear Nathan

Released on March 23 2017, Dear Nathan has became one of the best movie I've ever seen!
Dear Nathan tells a story about Salma, a new student at SMA Garuda. One day, she comes late to school and miss the flag ceremony. She meets Nathan, the most naughty boy at the school, who is injured at that time because of fighting. Salma cures his wound and that little thing makes Nathan falls in love with Salma. That's how their love story begins.

At first, Salma bewares of Nathan because she knows that Nathan is not a good boy. But, Nathan tries hard to get Salma's love, with many cool ways. Finally, Salma has crush on him and they becomes a couple. 

Maybe we all wonder, what's so special about that kind of story? After you watch it, you're going to like it! The plot is more complicated than an ordinary love story. We can learn many lessons from unexpected thing in that amazing movie. For example, Nathan has a broken-home problem. We can learn that family is very important, and every child needs love from parents.

Next, Nathan had a twin, Daniel. He passed away because of Nathan's naughtiness. That scene is so deep. We can learn that our attitude brings great impact to people around us, so we have to make it good. Many other things impress me. Dear Nathan really gives good lessons about life.

The last and the most important thing I get from that movie is about love. Nathan speaks to Salma, "When others look at me as trash, you look at me as a human." That's so deep for me! Little thing brings love, time grows it, and we make it true love. And when that true love comes, it lasts forever.

Curious? Watch it and you'll feel the way I feel!

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