Lovely Bandung

November 1, 2016

Lovely Bandung

Interesting Place
By Raihan Fauzan

“When we talk about interesting
 place, I choose my lovely city,

Bandung, Lovely City

Pidi Baiq, an artist, once said, “And, for me Bandung is not only about geographic, it involves feelings, in silence.Bandung is chosen as the fourth most favourite city tours in Asia, after Bangkok, Seoul, and Mumbai. Based on this year survey, Bandung citizen is the happiest citizen in the world. So, why do I think Bandung is interesting? Let’s check it out!

Bandros (Bandung Tour on Bus)
Bandros is a double decker bus prepared for taking tourists around Bandung. It easily became an amazing attraction.


Creative Communities
Bandung is a creative city with ngariung (gathering) culture. There are so many creative communities with high potential. You like skateboarding? Or even beatboxing? Everything’s available here in Bandung!


Paradise of Culinary
Come to Bandung, and you’re gonna be satisfied. Any cuisine, from Aceh to Papua, is available. Bandung also has unique cuisine, with its unique name. Cimol, cilok, batagor, gehu, and many more. Yummy!


Day Theme
Thematic days! Every day in a week has its own theme. Monday with its #onedaynorice, Tuesday with its #SelasaTanpaAsapRokok, Wednesday as Sundanese day, Thursday as English day, Friday as cycling day, and Saturday + Sunday for refreshing. Every day becomes interesting and exciting!

Rebo Nyunda

Impact of Social Media
Bandung can be great of course because of its mayor, Ridwan Kamil, who is often called as Kang Emil. Kang Emil optimizes every coherence through social media. What’s the impact? Bandung is rewarded some appreciations on public services and became the big three of Smart City in Indonesia.

Ridwan Kamil
Ridwan Kamil on Twitter

“Bandung, you are creted by God perfectly. So, please wait 

 20 years, and I’m gonna be your next leader and care-taker.”

Lovely Bandung

Now, let’s take a quiz!

           1.       Which city has the happiest citizen in the world based on this year survey?
A.      Tokyo
B.      Amsterdam
C.      Paris
D.      Los Angeles
E.       Bandung

           2.       What does ngariung mean?
A.      Playing
B.      Gathering
C.      Chatting
D.      Working
E.       Gardening

           3.       Which food is from Bandung?
A.      Gado-gado
B.      Cimol
C.      Konro
D.      Gudeg
E.       Pempek

           4.       What theme does Saturday have?
A.      Rebo Nyunda day
B.      No rice day
C.      Cycling day
D.      English day
E.       No theme

           5.       Who is mayor of Bandung?
A.      Joko Widodo
B.      Basuki Tjahaja Purnama
C.      Ridwan Kamil
D.      Anies Baswedan
E.       Abu Bakar


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